Final report “Arterial Spin Labelling Initiative in Dementia (AID)” – COST AID Action rated and considered 100% successful.



ASL networking at ISMRM 2016

SUNDAY: ASL-Dinner sponsored by mediri (only with invitation/registration)

THURSDAY: Scientific Session on ASL (Room 324-326)


Dear ASL network users,

I wish you a happy and successful year 2016!
As Klaus already announced in the last ASL newsletter we will have some changes for you in 2016! And, most important, we need your help in this. Since our COST Action ran out in Dec 2015, we have to keep up our ASL community by other means. We want to do this by re-activating the ASL-network.org homepage and start lively discussions. We would like to have an active forum and maybe a wiki, as well. This is not setup yet, but we are working on it and will come back to you soon. So, stay tuned!

Best wishes,

A report on the last 4 years of COST Action with all activities and achievements listed can be found on the ASL-network page: