COST Action: ASL in Dementia

About the COST Action (2011-2015):

Tackling one of the major societal needs of an ageing Europe, the COST Action BM1103 ASL in Dementia (AID) aimed at coordinating the development of an alternative and cost-effective tool based on an MRI technique, Arterial Spin Labelling (ASL), to obtain reproducible brain perfusion measurements in dementia patients by bringing together scientists and clinicians from across Europe through the flexibility of the COST mechanism. The scientific program was centered around four work packages and three working groups aiming at developing standards, improving the reliability of the technique and as establishing it as a possible clinical trial outcome measure.

Prof. Xavier Golay
(University College London, UK)
Vice Chair:
Prof. Matthias G√ľnther
(Fraunhofer MEVIS, DE)

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