Save the date

ASL Network Dinner during the ISMRM in Sydney will be on Sunday, 19th April

Corona is all around. Sadly, the upcoming ISMRM and the ASL Network Dinner were cancelled due to SARS-CoV-2 measures. We are working on the next edition for Paris… stay tuned and healthy”

Perfusion Open Source Initiative – join now!

Are you working on perfusion MRI post-processing and do you have code to share? Do you feel like you are spending ridiculous amounts of time writing code that other people have written many times before? Would you like to get more out of the hours you spend writing code by sharing it with others? Do you want to help make our science more reproducible?

More information by Laura and Steven can be found here (PDF): Perfusion_Open_Source_Initiative_ISMRM_perfusion_study_group


Workshop on ASL MRI

March 9-10, 2019
University of Michigan, MI, USA

Abstract submission: 01. November 2018 – 10. January 2019

More details on the flyer (ASL_workshop_2019_advert)
or online at:

ASL Dinner at ISMRM 2018

Great thanks to all participants!
About 80 persons from around the world
joint the ASL Network Dinner and discussed enthusiastically
about ASL during the designated scientific session before the dinner.
And also, Paris spoilt us throughout the week!

A special thanks goes out to our sponsors:

  • Gold Standard Phantoms Limited (United Kingdom), who brought their first Quantitative ASL Perfusion Reference (QASPER) phantom into the community last year, provide various MRI calibration services independent of vendor or system.
  • mediri GmbH (Germany) is specialized on support of clinical trials from imaging over data management to analysis, extended software solutions and medical imaging.
  • Subtle Medical Inc (United States): AI technologies define new standard for MRI: faster, safer and smarter.



Selected Sessions:
  • Sunrise Session: Is ASL Ready to Replace Contrast-Agent Perfusion Methods in the Clinic?  Monday, 7:00 – 7:50, N03
  • Scientific Session: Arterial Spin Labeling, Monday, 16:15-18:15, W03/04
  • Member-Initiated Symposium: How to Make Perfusion Imaging Become a Quantitative Imaging Biomarker, Tuesday, 8:15-10:15, W03/04
  • Scientific Session: Perfusion & Permeability, Tuesday, 13:45-15:45, S04
  • Scientific Session: MRI in Alzheimer’s Disease, Wednesday, 8:15-10:15, S05
  • Scientific Session: Contrast-Enhanced & Non-Contrast-Enhanced MR Angiography, Wednesday, 16:15-18:15, S03

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